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Wrought, with fear,
Taut lines, drawn near,
Cramped, feelings sear,
I feel caged.

Gossamer wings clipped,
Walls of Sanctum, chipped,
My dignity, stripped,
I feel maligned.

Now I lie in wake,
For reaper's sake,
Dressed in morose gear,
I await death.


  1. baapree...kya nikki..itna serious..:)

  2. @ R.Ramesh

    :)Yes. Been feeling so for a while.

  3. hey buddy...cheer up sure u r joking..

  4. Hello Nikita, I've seen you've changed your blog template to black and seem upset... the poem does not give me positive vibes either... If it is the marriage hangover, I'm sure it'll set in after a while... If there's anything you want to share, feel free to write to me.
    Regards. God Bless.

  5. @ Sneha

    Thanks! :) I am okay now but surely reconnect with you once I am back to Mumbai in Mid August. How you doing?

  6. Walls of Sanctum, chipped

    I like that line.

  7. I share the same views. Liked your blog very much.

  8. I'm fine, Nikita... Relationships do that to you, you know...Once while doing John Berryman's poems, our lit prof. mentioned it in class - relationships are soul cause of trouble!

  9. @ S

    Haha totally agree. Sometimes I wish we were granted the authority to choose our relatives as well. :)

  10. Deep, very very very deep, but i will say "this too shall pass." :-)

  11. Intense and nicely done...
    Life goes on,isn't it?:)

  12. manpreet said it well..nikki..u r a wonderful person...keep the cheers..

  13. @ Erratic Thoughts

    Thank you!

    @ R. Ramesh

    I have a wonderful friend in you as well! :)

  14. woah Nikita!! Thats some very serious stuff!! Hope everythings well...relations are difficult, but a bit of understanding goes a long way.

  15. very nice!
    i can feel the pain!!!
    though i don't understand the reason for this. hope all is well with u.

  16. @Tahera

    Thanks a lot!

    @ Adee

    This was just an expression of anger. Momentary. I am okay now :)

  17. nice use of words
    and the rhyme

    incidentally, have you seen 'the tree of life'

    it's kinda related. or so, i think.

  18. @ R. Ramesh

    Hello there!

    @ Pure

    Thank you! No, I have not seen the Tree of Life. Will look it up.

  19. nikkiii...just to say v r always with u...will catch up for ssure..god knows when..y not u and h travel to dubai to take a break..

  20. Nikita, this was deadly serious and haunting. My first reading of your poetry, and I'm very impressed by the depth of feeling expressed here. Sure, it's dark, but without darkness, we would not appreciate the light. Great write. Amy

  21. @ Sharplittlepencil

    Thank you Amy! :)

  22. @ Surabhi

    How did you? Lol. Hope you liked it!


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