Friday, 15 April 2011

Little Outcast

Recently, while browsing at the Chroma Store at M2K, I chanced upon this weird looking creature. A beige pup, sitting by his little owner's leg, leash in hand. Sweet thing, my first thought. Yet it looked odd to me. I could not recognize the breed. At first glance it seemed like a Pomeranian. But its beige colored body baffled me.

Now I was super confused so I decided to walk up to the kid and his dog. By the time I got there, few others were already petting the little thing. The friendly pet licked my feet while I ruffled his ears. 

"Iska naam kya hai?" I asked

"Chunmun," said the boy

"Chunmun? Is kutte ka?" I asked (eyebrow raised)

"Haan...Chunmun," said the boy

That was a cute name but for a dog? Well not mine so I can't say much. 

"Kaun sa breed hai?"

"Didi yeh mix breed hai...Pomeranian aur Labrador ka mix hai!" equipped the boy.

A Pomeranian and a Lab. Yuck! I mean I love both the dogs but a mix breed? What kind of a love match is that? Don't get me wrong but poms are poms and labs are labs. I never thought that they could fall in love. But I guess...I was wrong. No wonder the pup looked out of place with a face like a Pom and a body of Lab. Little outcast.


Zennmaster said...

bwuahahahhahaha... I can almost read those unwritten thoughts where you thought "But... how did they manage to... you know... woohoo... and who did whom?" bwuahahahaha... FUNNY!

Vinnie said...

a pic of that 'dog chunmun' would have been wonderful:)

Nikita Banerjee said...

@ Zenmaster

Hahaha you got me totally!

@ Vinnie

Arre it struck me time aisa kuch hua toh I will be ready with Camera!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Didn't some body out there say, Love is blind. Perhaps, it is applicable for animals too. :P

Nikita Banerjee said...

@ Blasphemous Aesthete

Umm you are is blind as a bat. :P

Vemana said...

Arre! Who said they were in love? You just jumped to human conclusion. No strike that you just jumped to politically correct indian human conclusion. They just did it and got it over :P

rohini said...

it was realy wonderful blog..!


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