Aunty...who me?

[So that last post [wedding rant] got me blasted. My folks who never read my blog, happened to read that one post. Mom was mighty pissed so I took it off.] 

I have this gripe! I am totally disgusted. I want to know what is the legal age of being called an 'aunty'? I really, really want to know. Bloody hell, yesterday at the station, standing in the queue for a ticket, I was minding my own business. As I reached the counter, a man who seemed to be in his 30s came up to me and asked, "Aunty, aunty can you please buy me a ticket?" He said this as he tried pushing a 50 buck note into my hand. For the first few seconds I was too shocked to react. 

Why shocked? Simple...this grown man called me an Aunty! WTF! How very annoying! And of course, I did not let him buy his ticket and tersely told to him to go stand in the queue. But the loser persisted, "Aunty I am really late!" Bigger WTF! 

Me: "Can't you see there is a queue? Stop arguing and go stand in the line." 

Of course this retort never stopped him. He asked the man behind me. I marched off, irritated. 

I guess if a small kid of ten called me an aunty, I would have smiled and helped him, not this bugger! Bah. 

Is it so difficult for stupid people like these to understand that using the term aunty for someone [visibly so!] younger than them is a crime? If not, then it should be declared as a rule. 

When I came home and narrated this incident, manu just laughed. Later she told me she would have slapped the man after hurling some obscenities. On my part, I don't have the nerve to hit random people. :|

[A long time ago, manu and her friends [while still in high school] were browsing through a market when a young balloon seller [say he was 20] happened to call one of them aunty. This made the nine girls stop dead in their tracks. The one who was called aunty went up to the balloonwala, grabbed him by his collar and shook him up! Luckily they left him unharmed after much yelling.]

A similar incident occurred with Him but it was a kid who called him an uncle. 

However much we all want to grow up fast, we do not want to be called uncles' and aunties' that quick. This is a true fact. In fact when someone addresses one like that for the first time, it pinches. It is irritating too. Why does it have to be an aunty or an uncle? Can't people just say excuse me? No. They get a sadistic pleasure by watching people cringe. 

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