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Ready for a talk-a-thon?

[Note for Himanshu: This image is just for editorial representation purpose and nurturing such thoughts can cause you a lot of trouble!]

Do you know how much I love to talk? have no idea! To put it in a simple sentence, I'll say that I am one of the most talkative people from my khandaan. In fact I always have a tale to tell, a joke to crack or initiate a conversation. 

And talk, I do! If I happen to wake up early and join my folks for tea, mom, instead of wishing me a good morning, warns me. 'Haave chup re je!' Keep quiet and let me read my newspaper in peace. If she doesn't say this, she just looks my way in a semi-stern way and gives me that 'finger-on-your-lips' indication. But I cannot stay quiet for a long time. I get dad to start talking to me. And I know how annoying I can be. Lol. My sister seconds my mother here. I am always trying to start a conversation with her and she only nods as if not interested. I practically recite the routine of my day to my folks which of course my dad looks forward too.

My mom has this theory about me and this whole talking business. She says that from the time I learnt to talk I haven’t stopped. No exaggeration here i.e. I am not the one exaggerating but my mom could be!

And this habit of mine has landed me trouble many a times because I get talking to random people! Recently while flying to Delhi, a really huge lady of foreign origin [vertically and horizontally] happened to sit with Manu and me. I was stuck in the middle seat with manu at the window and her occupying the aisle. It was one of those situations when one wants to smack their head for being nice and letting the younger sister take the window seat. bah. Like I mentioned earlier manu doesn't like talking much, at least to me with my random gibberish so I pretended to read a book. Now it was getting really uncomfortable. This woman was huge, so much that her fat arms were onto my seat. She hardly fit into the seat! And she smelt bad...sour-like. Yuck. Worst of all, she farted a few times too. So she kept shifting uncomfortably. A while later, just when I thought she had dozed off, I caught her staring at my blingy ring. [I am scared stiff of carrying jewelery with me! So I wore the engagement ring.] So I gave her a weird look. Caught in the act, she asked me whether we were flying over Delhi already and I said no. 

Every fifteen minutes she asked me that. By now I safely transferred my ring to the right hand so she couldn't stare. I had to explain to her every announcement that was made. She even tried peering into my book. Bah. Finally we landed and said our good byes. Manu had been grinning throughout my misery. 

As we took our bags off the belt at the airport, this woman stopped us again. "Hello, what a coincidence! We were partners on the flight and now we will leave the airport together!" said she. Happy Realization. I just smiled back and changed our direction towards a different exit. But had to turn back and now she asked me whether she could use my phone. I had totally freaked out by now. Don't ask me why! Manu clever quipped, "its not working." Smiled and pulled me along. Phew. 

Manu [in between her fit of laughter]: "Talk more na, talk more to random people! Good for you! Idiot...


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