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You lie like a lifeless body; unmoving, yet continuing to feel things around you. But within you? The air seems acrid as the darkness descends further. Night falls darker than ever. The world outside the window is all black just like the raven you know, that lives on the tree right outside. Is it calling out to you now? Can it see you unlike you knowing nothing of the hueless world outside?

Your bed is your world, your universe in which you are stuck. You want to move, but it pulls you back like you belong to it. It won't let you go, tightening its grip...tighter around you. You are nailed to the bed yet you do not bleed. There is no pain, but you have this eerie feeling of it sucking your life out of you...

The eyes are unseeing in the dark. You reminisce about your life and what it is going to be after that. There is a crack of lightning and the whole world seems to be captured on a Polaroid in a flash. Yet the image is unclear. You do not see yourself in there. The window glass v…

The star...

I just remembered that I was really amused by this incident. I was in Kolkata visiting my aunt earlier this year. So on a particular afternoon, we decided to go shopping and took the local train from Liluah to Howrah. Now locals in Kolkata are nothing like the ones in Mumbai. Sure they look the same but the Mumbai ones are jammed. But its one of the best ways to travel nonetheless. 

Beggars and urchins are a common thing. I used to feel bad for them once upon a time but I guess I have just grown cynical over the years. Now begging or rather the art of begging is a business and a very lucrative one at that! Our local arrives and we manage to get in safely. At the next station, a trio - 2 blind men and women enter the ladies compartment. One man had a mic, the other a harmonium and both were blind. Now the woman was just accompanying them so that she could collect the money on their behalf. They placed themselves very strategically and started belting out this Bengali song [don't ask…

Ad for writers

As you know I am into content writing...I am always short of good writers. So please check out the ad and see, if you think or know anyone who would like to join me!

Being me...

[This is an extremely random post. Read at your own risk. I am trying to cure myself of the block (mental and emotional)]
I was tweeting today morning when a pal (@Viveksingh) asked me whether I was writing anything new these days. No, I told him. I lacked inspiration [whatever that is!]. He, then suggested that I get down to writing something very random and that ideas spring out of nowhere sometimes. I agreed. So here goes...
I am feeling very random right now so I am gonna write some random things about me... after all this is my blog ha?
1. My dad still calls me by my bari-r-naam [pet name]. I am hardly ever called by my name- Nikita. It is either Nikki, Nikku, Nixie, Nixon etc. 
2. I don't look like my dad or my mom while my sis is my mom's carbon have got to see it to believe me! Friends always teased me by saying that I might have been adopted. 
3. Never beaten up anyone. Cannot yell and fight [but fight I can!].
4. Once while visiting a homeopath, she asked me to …

Mirror, mirror on the wall... who is the fairest of them all?

Remember the evil queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, who kept bugging her magic mirror to tell her that she was fairest of all? She knew she wasn't yet she wanted to hear from the poor mirror on the wall. Poor Snow White almost died for being so fair and pretty. We know the rest but do we realize that as Indians we are stuck in the same rut as her? 

Don't we all want to be the fairest of all? Yeah, we most certainly do! No wonder we have so many ads for fairness creams. Every fairness cream ad states that once you get fair skin, the world will be at your feet. Is it true? Yeah, maybe it is. Else why would stars like Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and the likes of them endorse it! 

Since the days of the yore it is understood that a fair woman is better looking than a dark one. All colors suit her and all that jazz. She may have no features at all except for the white color but she epitomize the beauty of womanhood. Heck, we even have goddess who are fair except for Kali …

How young is too young?

How young is too young? Confusing na? Totally so! Why do I ask...because I am looking for answers. With every passing year, the idea of being young changes. Now I am not talking about the youth. Being a part of the same fraternity, ideologies or the lack of it, keep changing daily for us. It is all about the next youth icon for us...ain't it? 

Anyways coming back to the question, 'How young is too young', I am talking about the kids here. By kids I mean those little ones with rounded oh-so-soft-cheeks we want to pull and kiss. Kids these days are probably born as grown ups. They surpass the infancy and the toddler stages way much faster than we can fathom. Okay agreed they are still little in height and might seem innocent to us, but are they? Well, we would like to believe they are innocent. But on the other hand, they are smarter, sharper and wittier than we could ever be at their age. How do I know? I have a nephew who is total treat to talk to and in between we get some…

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