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Sinking in...not yet!

Dear readers,

I am engaged [full on Jane Ayre style]! Funny, I never meant to start this post this way but I couldn't think of anything better. Life's pages are turning real quick and a new chapter seems to have begun already! I don't sound too sure right? Yeah, it has not completely sunk into me...

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All this happened last Sunday. My folks and me had flown to Delhi to be with the Bf's family. Discussions about finalizing things between us were in the process. Ma and pa wanted a April-May 2011 wedding while his ma wanted a wedding in October-November 2011. Each set of parents had their points. But as fate would have it, the Bf intervened and made it very clear that weddings in January and February 2011 seem the most ideal. I cannot agree any lesser! So okay we might be sounding like a lovelorn couple torn apart by distance [I love the dash of drama...] but it is true the distance between the political capital and the financial capital are too much. We don't mind flying to each other whenever we would like but parents of course have reservations about it. So it was decided in our favor. 

No, the dates are not out yet and the fiancé is already panicking. Why? Because good banquet halls don't come by easily and we have less time on our hands. Anyways, thats another ranting post for the future. 

So coming back to the last weekend; Saturday he showed us around his city and all that. We were at Hauz Khas Ruins [our last stop for the day] when dad decided he would stay back and rest his aching feet. So ma, Manu, him and me, went towards the ruins. Soon, dad called and asked us to hurry up. 

Why? Because a bunch of stupid meddling boys had decided to disturb a huge honey comb and of course the bees don't take things they? Nah! So they were on a rampage and stinging everyone who came in their way. And poor dad was one of them. Anyways we did not know this yet and hurried towards the entrance. Now we were on our way out and suddenly I see two fat [cherubic chubby] uncles sweating it out and nursing the stings. We were soon dashing towards the gate. Poor Him was the one the bees targeted next. Three of them were after him. And the man ran for his life. Hilarious [mean but it was funny as hell!]! 

In between ma cracked a joke saying that the bees might have more of a female population and hence they were after the men. Little did she know...she had spoken too soon! 

Soon enough dad caught up with us and all the laughing stopped. The bees had stung him just below the lower lip! Opps...we all quietly got into the car. 

Cut to Sunday...we were shopping at the mall. A small rokka ceremony was decided upon where a few members of his family would come and bless us. I was advised by would-be-ma-in-law to buy something that I liked! 

She called at lunch time to tell me that I was to dress up and come. Okay I enjoyed that bit but had no clue of what waiting for me at home. Each and everyone from uncle and aunty's side had come. It was a huge family gathering when everyone made it after a gap of 4 years! Woah and I was their center of attention. The new bhabhi...shoot me someone!

Introductions, giggles, observing looks and grins followed. One particular thing shook me completely was when his nephew was introduced to me. "Yeh lo nayi mami!" And I did not what to say. 

On the whole the ceremony was impromptu and I had a gala time. I sure did miss my cousins though...

To end it, one does end up making a lot of money on such occasions...hehehe!

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