Sunday, 27 June 2010


In six months' time my life is going to change. I am getting married. And this feeling has just begun to sink in...

I have been up to no good. Shopping in full swing. Talking non-stop only about this all the time. Throwing my weight around [literally...]. Planning to hit the gym [have to lose 7 kgs...woah!] but plans like these never come through! Shopping some more. Ignoring my see now I blog at A bride to be's diary as well. So excuse me as I am a bit delirious these days. Will be back to blogging soon on Ire...


Sneha said...

That's what I was I know where you've been upto. Will read your other blog and surely comment.
Meanwhile, see if you could read my poem and leave a rating and comment -

Jyothi said...

Having fun are we? Nice!All the best!

Nikita Banerjee said...

@ Sneha

thanks for being a loyal reader!

@ Jyothi

Yes the fun has just begun!

Raj said...

someone is getting married.
why is that whenever a girl decides to marry her first thought is too lose weight?
try being a loyal blogger!
this is gonna sound pathetic, so try reading in hindi
"sada suhagan raho"

lmao. :P

blunt edges said...

hehe...all the best :)

Manpreet Bedi said...

best of luck my friend. :)
lol @ gym thingie, believe me, i just went for 1 month before marriage. :P lets see, how long you can go. :)

Vinnie said...

hey Sweetie.....thats bloody cool news...
pls accept my heartiest congratulations n i would love to grace the beautiful occasion of ur lovely marriage n pray that the good Lord blesses u with all love and happiness...

keep rocking sweets!!!


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