Dear Unknown Uncle...

I read this on Twitter recently:

Dear unknown uncle,
Please don't die in Nigeria leaving behind your wealth to me. 
We all miss you, especially because you are a millionaire.

Hilarious. Each day when I check my spam filter, I have a few mails which state the above. Some woman from Nigeria whose husband died leaving behind tons of wealth or some woman who wants monetary help located in some corner of the world. Some mails state that I have won a lottery of some huge amount and that too in pounds denomination! Seems like everyone is eager to get rid of their extra money and I am the new found heir to all of this! Alas, I am not interested. No moh maya for me. Or maybe I should be? What happens when I give them my mail id and bank account details? 

No clue, because I ain't giving any details! But the mails don't stop, do they? Nah. Recently my colleague received a mail stating that he had won 5,00,000 UK pounds! He was delirious...immediately announced that he is quitting his job! He attained nirvana! Lol...Imagine all of us doing something like? Giving up our jobs and wait for the money to be transferred to our accounts?

Unfortunately none of that will happen. The funny thing is some government official recently believed in some mail like this and transferred some money too! The poor man with good intentions was at loss when the newspaper reported that he had been duped. He refused to believe it...such was the shock. Bah. 

Frankly, there should be a spam filter for the spam mails too. What a waste of time!

P.S: Apparently Radha Ramalinga, the wife of Satyam's Raju wants to transfer a lot of money to my account and similarly to all those who received her mail! Whatever...but does make an interesting read!

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