Taxi Chronicles

I always complained that we never had many pics of us. We still don't. What we have is much more...

Running back and forth to meet each other. Umpteen cab rides that have left a huge hole in our pockets. Fading movie tickets and restaurant bills. Grains of sand from our last visit to Chowpatty. Countless Shivneri bus tickets and some BEST bus tickets. 

Love you lots Himanshu... :) Happy Valentine's Day love.  


  1. Taxi driver soch mein pada hai :)

  2. @ Himanshu


    @ SSD

    Arre woh to pak gaya tha! Hehehe

  3. Even the traffic jams do help at times :)

  4. u guys make me remember this...

    bless u, bless love

  5. :D guess this post had only 1 intended reader! ;)

  6. @ adee

    I am delighted!

    @ blunt edges

    Hahaha yeah!

    @ Julia Smith


  7. Cutely, rightly and deeply in love, said she loves him :)
    Nice post, nice you and what else, okay .. nicer is me :D
    Will be here more often, leaving you a note of invite :)

    Take care!

    Sourav .. in love with me and life!! :)

  8. Hi there! I remember one of my friends telling me this.
    He was travelling in a taxi with his girl friend, one irritatingly hot evening. He told the driver, "Bhaiya, zara sheesha neeche karna!", intending some air to come in from the front window as well. And the taxi driver lowered the rear view mirror. ;)

    Very cute pic.. Belated valentine day wishes...


  9. @ Sourav

    Thanks for dropping by!


    Thanks a lot! How you been?

  10. Well, been a bit here and there.. Am back to my routine now though. Read Work!...

  11. ha ha!!!interesting ...belated happy valentines day friend:)

  12. Nice! Nostalgia hits! :)

    Very nice blog!


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