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Life at Random

A blogger pal had once said that I attract weird things to me. I agree, I do. And these weird things happen to be really funny [at least to the ones who will be reading them...hopefully]. So here goes...

My extended family in Kolkata is one of a kind. I say this because I have a cousin bro is always up to mischief and always has new tales to tell...

Story one:

This was way back in the 80s. He was all of four or max five. Pishi [my aunt], dada [the elder one] and lets call my crazy cousin A, were on their way to nanibari [maternal grandparents home]. Now A was a huge Mithun fan and it was during this time that Mithun caused a stir across India with his film Disco Dancer. A was of course enamoured and imitated the actor whenever he could. 

So on the road, there being no other source of entertainment, A asked his bro whether he could show him a few dance steps. With consent, he broke into a jig. Stray dogs live on the street and one lay just close enough to A while he got on with his dance m…

The endless wait...

Pic courtesy: Photo Arts Creations

A mournful morning bright,
The sunrays prick my eyes,
I wait for thee, my life in blight,
As you left without good-byes

An ageless light casts shadows,
Shadows timeless with light,
Giving closure to the morning,
Comes the painful night. 

Will you be home soon?
Will I see you at noon?
Maybe, my heart lies. But I 
know these questions are 
Not wise.

And I keep waiting for thee,
My life in blight. As you left me
Without any good byes. 

Jontonas and more...

Bah. Holidays are over. I have so much to write about the Kolkata trip but all of a sudden I am blank. Its like tabula rasa, blank slate! I had great fun though and learnt a lot of new bong words like-niramisi which means vegetarian food, jontonas which means suffering [I think!] and sabooj which means the color green.
I had a gala time traveling in the metros and the antique tram. I had my fill of puchchkas, chur-mur and jhalmuris. If you are in Kolkata you just cannot miss the street food there. Its just yummm... and don't even think of the hygiene [much better than Mumbai]. Every city has its flavor and charm. But the soul of Kolkata is different. It let's you fit in, doesn't push you around like Mumbai and you don't have to ape anybody. Here life goes on in its own pace. Nobody seems to be in a hurry. Life in general is not about money. The old heritage buildings in the heart of the city stand there sleepily and they look like they have many tales to tell.
The India…