Thursday, 29 October 2009

How to make the perfect 'popat' of one's self!

Remember the post about the hand brake? Well, here is another incident that adds to our car woes and people around too. How you may ask? This is how –

Recently my mom had invited a mother-son pair home. They were old acquaintances and generally nice people, so catching up were fun! Plus, they had a lot of gujju-gossip to share which made it even more fun. However, the chit-chatting session went on for too long before one could realise that as hosts we’d have to ask them or rather offer to drop them home. And because my mom was enjoying the company so much I pitched in to get Manu to drive them home.

Now my sister was recently trusted with the car and hence, she and I would sneak in a few long drives now and then. Thankfully, dad was beginning, although reluctantly, to see her as a safe driver. So driving the guests home was going to be a cake walk.

About twenty minutes later Manu, head-popping out of the room, says to me, "I cannot find the car keys. Check the hall or go ask the watchman downstairs." I ran down to do so. No keys. Now I was worried as I had given my word. However, in a bit, Manu walked into the parking lot.

M: "Papa took the car keys."

N: "What? Why? WTF?"

M: "Funny. He doesn't take the car but the keys he takes!"

N: "Now? No car? Oh shit...***%$&&*** [mumbling to herself]

M: "No silly I have spare keys and let’s hope this remote works." [Please note: in addition to the hand brake, we had major problems with the auto lock too. It was old and barely worked. So when one pressed the unlock button, the auto lock siren went off]

So now Manu pressed the dreaded unlock button while I waited with baited breath. Five whole seconds and no siren…yay (mentally breaks into a jig)! It sure was our lucky day. But just seconds later the horrible siren went off! And it wouldn’t stop. Bah.

Manu nonchalantly eases herself in the driver's seat and pushes the car into reverse gear. She begins to reverse the car. Ten whole seconds later, she is still reversing the car. How long does it take to reverse the car, girl?

Unperturbed my sister carried on as I imagined our disgruntled neighbours coming down and giving us a sound yelling. I wouldn't blame them if that happened. It was past midnight and a siren for no reason is not welcome at any hour of the day, let alone in the night!

As the seconds inched on, my palpitations increased and Manu continued to reverse the car (remember tough hand brake et al?). All this while all I continued to ask her was to get the siren to stop!

M: "How re? What to do?"

N: "Give the keys! hmmmffff" 

What followed was not pretty. To understand it better think of a hammer pounding a plastic toy. Gory, very gory! Yeah, what do you think happens to an old remote when it won’t work?" After a lot of hammering noises later, I got out of the car dejectedly. The music score continued.
However, thankfully we had now managed to park the car outside the building. But the guests were down by now and looking at the car and us in complete dismay.

N: "Sorry aunty. You know this generally doesn't happen. It is the handbrake generally."

Aunty's son,"How old is the car?"

M: "Never Mind."

We make small talk through the ride and finally make it to their destination.

Aunty, "Son, go call your friend Blacky na...maybe he can fix this!"

N: "No aunty it’s too late. We will manage."

A: "No, no beta go to the petrol pump they will fix it."

N: "Ok surely aunty. Thanks."

A: "Son go with them, alone girls in the no! You go."

Aunty's son, "Please follow my directions."

We did as the petrol pump was just round the corner. The guy at the pump fixed the issue in no time. [But while he tries to shut the siren, dad calls. A frantic dad asks us, "What are you doing to my car?" I say, "Tearing it apart what else!"]

Aunty's son:"Pay him some 20 bucks."

Big oops moment! I had no money and Manu never carried money with me around. Aunty's son saved the day. He told us he would handle it. We left red faced. Bah.


ZB said...

please change the microscopic font size.....i am sure my short-sight will increase from -0.75 to -1 by the time i finish reading....will come back to real later. :)

humbl devil said...

my first tym here...
nys post...funny.. :D

Mihir said...

that was a major one. A Big POPAT! :) i understand.. now get the complete picture of that night..

Nikki said...

@ ZB

Sorry I had not realised this! It was a scheduled post. Mistake has been rectified!

Nikki said...

@ humbl devil

Thanks! Do keep visiting.

Nikki said...

@ Mihir

Yaar I was so embarrassed ya! :( But now when I look back the entire thing is hilarious and yeah, we have not auto lock now!

sumit said...

i can totally imagine your condition :P. sometimes you have to pay for helping people!

Nikki said...

@ Sumit

you hit the nail right on the head! Hahahaha

Julia Smith said...

I'm sorry, but I laughed through this entire post.

Nikki said...

@ Julia Smith

Exactly what I do when I look back! hahaha.

Iggy said...

Hehehehe! i had a smile on my face throughout this post! Lol! POPAT!

Nikki said...

@ Iggy

Thanks! :) I am glad you enjoyed the post.

ani_aset said...

hehe get it fixed na both hand brake and siren..ask Manu to get it done ;)..its not popat did help aunty is health?

Nikki said...

@ ani_set

Thanks. Only you see it that way. lol. Health is decent ya. Chal raha hai.

Dhirubhai said...

happens with all of us.. our chowkidar( a reliable one), after cleaning the car, took the keys with himself recently.. and the spare keys were nowhere to be found as is the case in times of urgency..

Nikki said...

@ Dhirubhai

My dad would have beaten up the Chowkidar! What did you say?

Dhirubhai said...

@ Nikki,

I just said.. theek hai bhaiya.. aagey se dhyaan rakhna..

But papa did nt spare him.. he had to hear a lot that day.. and I was like.. papa, wo bhi insaan hai..

Nikki said...

@ Dhirubhai

Obvious yaar..Insaan sab hote hai. Koi emergency hoti toh?

Dream3er said...

hahahahahah!!!! this is hilarious... aweomse awesome awesome... waiting for something else to happen now

Nikki said...

@ Dream3er

Lol. Jald hee pata chal jayega!

Aparna said...

Poor aunty and son. Who helped whom here Nikki?
But seriously, this was awfully funny. Does your dad plan to change his precious car anytime soon?

Nikki said...

@ Aparna

I am not of what to say to your first question. Lol. Yeah, dad's planning on another car soon.

Standbymind said...

Oh man!

Nikki said...

@ StandbyMind


blunt edges said...

u drove a car around town with the siren on?!?!?!

some night that! :)

Nikki said...

@ blunt_edges

Hehee yeah...I was red faced throughout! :(

The Walker said...

Hilarious :D
Best story I have read in months :)

Nikki said...

@ The Walker

Thanks! :)

printessential said...

Your story reminds me of an incident from about a decade ago:
Rewind to grade 9. At that age you are bound to over-sell yourself leading to those foot-in-the-mouth experiences, and at other times - you have the Popat moments..

The story was too big for the comment section, so I posted it in my blog.

printessential said...

Thanks a lot for your post. It was a good read and I had a lovely evening reminiscing some Popat moments in my life.

Little Girl Lost said...

LOL :D all wierd things happen to you nik...

Nikki said...

@ Little Girl Lost

Rightly said...I guess I am a magnet for all the weird things. Hehe

Chandni.. said...

aaahhh... what a night... undoubtedly eventfull... :P

First time here...



Nikki said...

@ Chandni

Thank you! :)

Rahul Jauhari said...

Liked your writing. Keep it up :-)

Nikki said...

@ Rahul Jauhari

Thanks! Keep visiting.

AshenGlow said...

Some days can be really trying... And unendingly hilarious as well!

Its nice to see people appreciate the lighter side of life.. always...


Nikki said...

@ AshenGlow

Thanks! :)

Vaudeville of exhilaration said...

the content is de background is so not conducive to reading without straining eyes. Bt nice post

Fashion Police said...

Haha. Well I hope atleast he was hot :P

magiceye said...

Fun post!
Loved it!

Karan said...

Haha! It's such a simple and sweet post, and made me smile! :)

It is so simple to write a post, and I used to keep thinking about what to

PS - I hope that you've got the lock fixed! :P


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