You and Me...

[writing a poem after a real long time...lack of inspiration! Last night we were talking and it poured like crazy and then all of a sudden the line was cut. We tried calling each other but no network! I can't begin to tell you how frustating it was! So finally I called him early morning and it got through...Spoke to him for a bit and went back to sleep. This is of course for Him!]

Who invoked thee?
Ask I
The clouds might be weeping?
Thought I

The gentle pitter-patter
of the rains
Fall like shards of glass now,
it pains

My eyes hurt as the water
The heart fears for my vision

You are to come, but when?

The warm sun rose to
glory this morn
And now the ominous dark clouds
the skies adorn

Are the clouds weeping?
I wonder
As the water keeps

Is it the day of doom?
I muse
As I descend into

The sun’s disappearance
this aft,
The moon’s appearance

My cold hands make to
As the gushing water
Unbound the

I should have heard
the tinkle
Of your bicycle by now,
I think.

But the water will drown the
ringing bell,
My tears blink.

There is a flash of lightning
as the
Gates dash and so do
my hopes.
Wonder how my heart copes…

My heart sinks but then…
I hear the tink
I dash out to see
As the winds clash in glee
You stand and look
Oh I think my heart shook!

You wink and as I soar
As the breeze roars by

We hold hands and the
rains drops
Sound like music props…

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