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The dot com business...

[I guess something is wrong in my head. Every time I state I have a block of sorts, I get new ideas to write on! Brrr...]

Recently a colleague of mine got talking about the various dating sites. This one was called the special dates 4 U or something. Well the web page looked cool and maybe five years ago, just for the kicks I would have entered my name.

Now this website was really fancy ha! It had various categories for dating. They have something as regular dating but no irregular dating. Why not irregular? Well don’t people who cannot get dates in real life enter themselves here? Sometimes I think they might be walking with their eyes shut! Okay. Maybe they are regular people with irregular [read: nil] dates.

Now the dating websites have some interesting stuff too. One particular dating website will tell you if you are hot or not! Just send them a pic and they will tell if you are hot or cold. They even have a section called brides for you! What happened to the grooms or do men mostly log into such websites? For my part I have no clue. Yes, I have made a few friends for life through chat but never tried a dating website.

This brings me to another point; the matrimony websites. Lately my parents are thinking of finding me a good Bengali/Gujarati boy [read: options increase when your parents have had a love marriage and my kids will have a greater option!]. But unfortunately for my parent [read: my sigh of relief] they have no clue where to begin with, so ma just mentioned uploading my pic on

It is hilarious, I tell you! How? Read this: my cousin along with his five friends, all unable to find suitable girls in the real world, ventured forth, very confidently, onto this matrimony site. All got registered on the same day. Entered details and cross-checked each others profiles. Everything seemed to be set! Yeah boy!

But soon they realised that for free you don’t get much. It’s like getting the residue of the juice you ordered for free! It’s all about money honey and when you pay, you get your money’s worth! So five credit cards were swiped simultaneously and the frantic five became paid members.

So the hunt for the brides began! In the mean time my cousin came home and we got hold of his receipt which read: You are now a paid member of And sisters can be bitchy so of course mom found out and then dad. My cousin sat in the dark, red-faced, inside the bed cover for god knows how long [I cross my heart no exaggeration here!]

Two of his friends got hitched instantly. They both had short-lived filmy romance over long distance calls but they were finally the ones to be getting hitched. But destiny had other plans. Unfortunately one is divorced now and the other has to bear his tyrant of a wife. [I say tyrant because I have heard he is on the receiving of the abuses. Maybe she is the man in the relationship I think. She hates gossip and he cannot digest his food without any! Now we know men gossip...]

And the latter had clicked on self-renewal on the matrimony site, so even after months of his marriage he gets offers! As for my cousin, he rather concentrate on his career for now!

In my case, more updates after my budday!


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