[According to my Tweet-heart I am always killing people in my fiction here is something different. Hope you guys like it!]

“Love makes you do strange things…” yeah, whatever thought Kiki. Time and again someone, somebody, and even nobody, had rubbed it in her face the thing about love! Okay, so it was a four-letter word and meant the world to many a fool.

Sigh… it was fleeting. Yeah, it was a momentary thing, this love. It came and went. She was a prime example of that. It came as quickly and went within a blink of an eye. Every time it had happened she had thought of the particular ‘him’ to be the one. The one with whom she could always remain in love with. But then there was always the other ‘him’ who turned out to be better. And whole ‘him’ thing was turning out to be a crazy whim! She had one heart alright only it was a bit of a butterfly.

Her first had been Pete. Or was he the second… or no…he was the fifth. What a beautiful specimen he had been! Even her mother was impressed! The old thing was a tough nut. Nothing, I mean nothing could impress her, thought Kiki. That tramp! Okay, she was Kiki’s mother, but she had been a tramp. Every time Kiki had pressed her about her father, she had a different story to tell. She was quite the queen of the alley in her time! Well, she did take after her mother. But her skin texture was more delicate, beautiful complexion and lovely green eyes. She had better hair too on her head. Quite the head turner!

But love was turning out to be difficult. Dealing with Pete had been painful. He was careless. He thought he had owned her. So what he got her gifts… she was worth all the awards in the world! He had even flirted with her mother, and that old thing had loved him! Yay…who wouldn’t like the attention of a handsome young man!

Things were different now though with Chris. Chris…oh, Chris! Sigh! just thinking of him set the fuzzy feeling in her tummy going. Every time she thought of him she felt the warmth. And yet she knew it was wrong. Never in the world could they be together. But he had the loveliest eyes! Such sweet nature! On their very first meeting, he had been the gentleman. He had offered her his cheese. Well, who does that nowadays? No one! But Chris…

Her mother would never approve. No one would. It was not meant to be, but her heart fluttered or was it skipping a beat? Whatever! She was enticed, in love with this creature. They both were everything they shouldn’t have been. She was lovely, he was a mere thing.

She had a beautiful mane and he…was growing bald! He was way too short, but then good things came in small packages, dint they? Yeah, but how could they be? What would the world say? Her clan would abandon her, and the boys would laugh at her. She would be the laughing stock…yet she was willing to risk it.

She couldn’t shake away those warm eyes looking at her and that loving touch. So what if he was smaller? Questioned Kiki. Chris was perfect. Perfect for her. Way much better than Pete or Gus or whoever she had met before, wasn't it? Maybe they could relocate to a remote location where their relationship would be accepted? But was there such a place on earth?
“Hmm,” thought Kiki. Maybe Sheila would help. She loved her and was a saviour. When things took a nasty turn with Pete, she came to rescue Kiki. But Sheila was afraid of Chris and wanted him out. But if Kiki explained…maybe there was a tiny chance?

Yeah, could be, thought Kiki. Let me just wait for home till my mistress gets home. And with one swish of her furry tail, Kiki got off the ledge. She would have to talk to Chris and convince him to plead with Sheila. After all, he was the one she wanted out.

Maybe Sheila would have to learn to live with a mouse that was in love with her pet cat. Weird, thought Kiki. But then love makes you do strange things…doesn't it?


  1. had no clue kiki was a cat read

  2. chris is a mouse!!!!...god!!!...and i was so happy dat i finally got da secret... dat to woo a gal all u need is to offer her cheese

  3. damn u...way too good! Kudos!

    Sept 3 is coming...ok?:)

  4. Now I know how to impress a Cat. And god made me a Human ;-)

  5. hahaha...the twist rocked!

    gud one :D

  6. @ Vinay


    @ buckingfastard

    Hehehehe...yeah cute Chris!

    @ Himanshu

    Yes jee I remember na! :) thanks!

  7. Gud one.....well written.SUper-dooper entertainer :)

  8. hehehehe! what an awesome one!! :D Go Kiki!! :D

  9. @ ZB

    Thank you jee!

    @ Iggy

    :) Hehehe I love Kiki

  10. 'She was quite the queen of the alley in her time!'

    Nikki, I thought, 'wow, this character is really frank' - and then I got to the twisty ending. Fab-o.

  11. Hai-La its was a tom and jerry romantic show...

    Kudos gal, Nice well composed work...

    If Man's are Dog, are Cat's gal?? If so I am sure now I can impress one ;)

    keep it up :)

  12. That was a surprise!! Really enjoyed it..

  13. You wicked girl, you... you lead me on...

    But me happy now... cool post...

  14. @ Julia Smith


    @ SK


    @ Sujata


  15. As the mind Meanders


  16. cute..good touch of the cat-tale.. :)

  17. I got the link to this page from "As The Mind Meanders". I liked this little "Strange" story very much! The twist was too good :)

  18. @ Tongue-fu Lady

    :) Thanks! I am glad you liked it!

    @ Choco

    Thanks for visiting. Keep coming back!

  19. What a nice story! with a twist of lemon :P

  20. LOLzzzzzzz superb this was lady :) wow u r getting better n better.

  21. @ eye-in-the-sty-in

    Hehehe yeah total nimbu nichod ke!

    @ Rashmi

    Thank you jee!

  22. Wow! Nice one!
    When i go back and reread, it becomes even better. Well done.

  23. i was kind of getting a feeling of reading a fairly regular post till you gave that shock :P


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