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Breaking the hand brake!

"You know I just cannot drive," said I.

"Of course!" said Ziii.

"Why did you say of course with so much confidence ha? Why that smirk?" asked I.

"It is simple really. You can't drive because you are a woman!" said Ziii.

"But I know women who drive well! My sister drives well," said I indignantly!

"Yeah, you are saying this. Be happy!" said Ziii.

This was our conversation while at a remote CCD. I say remote because Ziii was lost once and we had to ask a few people to get there. Anyways, I am talking about driving. I cannot drive. I did learn though...

My sister has started taking the car for a few errands here and there. She once drove me back home. I must say she is a confident driver. So in the past week, she decided that dad leave the car home so that she could take her girlfriends to the Worli Sealink. Dad somehow agreed [I am still bewildered at this thought!].

Ok the girls took forever to arrive at our place and I decided that they would drop me till the main road. So we took off. The car was parked inside. Manu enters from the drivers seat and we plop behind. And...the hand brake wont budge!

Manu: "Hmmmm...nnnnnn...come on...aare yaar! Ufff [pants and puffs]"

Pal 1 to pal 2:" Can't you see her size [manu is almost size zero]? Usko strength nahi hai! Pull the hand brake!"

Pal 2: "Yeah I am on it."

I am still sitting quietly. I am sweating now. Ten minutes have passed. The hand break remains jammed. Our lift man is grinning. WTF?

Pal1 to Pal 2" "Don't pull like that! You will break it!!!" I think by then I had already had a panic attack.

Pal 2: "Yeah I know...I broke the hand brake of my car! Hahahaha!" WTF? Her hand brake what? I had totally panicked now and was perspiring!

Manu:" Lets call the Lift man! [calling him] Aapko hand brake kheechne ata hai?" Bad choice. He did not know a thing!

Manu: "Arre rehno do aap! Bloody he will break it!"

All this while nobody was looking at me. I am glad cause I couldn't be of any help. I kept thinking that any moment with all the pulling, beating and tugging at the hand brake, it would come off! Then who would call dad? Damn! I was petrified. Sigh...

Another ten minutes and I couldn't take it. I had to go! So I was like I am taking a rick, keep me posted!

Nobody said bye and I slipped away silently. I never got a call. Figured the hand brake gave in or they gave up on the car. But they finally did go to Worli seaface and that too Manu drove at the speed of 80! Whoa...

We have a vada pav shop in front my building and finally, the owner pulled the hand brake! Phew...

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