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Amitabh's Mard and much more...

This post is for As the Mind Meanders. I don't personally agree that Mard-The Amitabh-Amrita Singh starrer was a great film. But my friend has seen it over and over again. Well, to each his own. This film though, is special to my mother if not dad so much.

I was told that in early November, 1985, my parents decided over a long distance phone call [24 years ago making a call from Bombay to New Bombay required STD connections! I am ancient!] to go watch the film Mard. My mother who was heavily preggers with me, happily agreed. Two reasons; she would get time to be with my father and watch Amitabh. She was and is an ardent fan. She wouldn't miss a single film if given a chance. So they were supposed to see the film on 17th November. Tickets were booked and plans were made!

My dad would travel all the way from Andheri, pick her up and go to some cool theatre in town [South Mumbai is town]. But destiny had other plans.

10:00 pm, 16th November

Leena's [mom] tummy starts aching. My nani dismisses it as tummy burn or something. This is so because my mum had already raised two false alarms. First time you see! But the pain only increased. Nani said to wait. Nana had panicked and Mum wanted to go to the hospital.

11:00 pm, 16th November

By now, Nani and Ma decided it was indeed time.

On the other hand Subir [dad] was at the cargo complex, working late as usual. Nana called Papa and told him that Leena is going to the hospital. Don't worry and finish your work [poor dad!].

Ma and Nani go to Pai hospital and have Ma admitted. Nana falls asleep at home due to too much tension.

1: 30 am, 17th November

Doctor Pai is summoned. He rushes in, with one cheek unshaved. There are 11 other expectant mothers in the same ward as Ma.

1:54 am, 17th November

Enter Nikita Banerjee into the big bad world! Lolz.

Lolz. Ma later told me that she was esctatic yes but had to miss the film! She would tease me saying that she had to miss the film because of me! Couldn't I come in when I was supposed too? [that would have been early december or so!].

Another thing. I think I triggered off something. Because afterwards 11 babies were born in the night. Imagine the poor doc's plight! 11 girls and one boy! whoa!

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