To do or not to do?

The SSC results are out! And I hope everything is great with all those who appeared for it this year. I hate going down the memory lane to reminisce about my SSC. Horrible memories there. Anyways, I was at the office today [Jam] and this boy came in with his folks.

Apparently he had scored 92 percent and he was confused. Rather his ambitious parents were confused. Should he start preparing for IIT JEE or should he prepare for the medical CET from now? WTF? I know the IIT thingy is serious and so is the medical seat, but he just got his results today? And with rainbow colours blinding your eyes from the marksheet...why not rejoice? Why mull over things that can be thought over for the next few weeks? No answer to this. Parents and their kids will never get it. I still don't. I am glad I was never this topper or something. I was average and I am. So not much expectations and hence no pressure. I do my own thing and my parents theirs.

God alone knows what will happen!


Now I met this girl at office. She had come for an audition a few days earlier. She is from the capital but had this crazy accent. It was bad. The whole idea was bad. Whatever. Next she says, Dont you think my accent is so British? Had I been around I would have said, the door is on your right.

What is with the accent? We all speak English so cut the crap. You have lived all your life here so why pretend to be someone else? It doesn't take you anywhere. So I hope to god I never meet her or interact with her. Else she would know where the door is!

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