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Life has been hectic or shall I stop blaming life and say I have been crazy busy? I have brought this upon myself and should have known that sailing in three boats like the Walker says is impossible. No time for myself or for any kind of fun!

Sigh enough about me. I was recently in Pune [yes! He is back!] for some work and traveled up-down by volvo. So while taking the morning bus I was seated next to this middle-aged woman. Frustrated soul I tell you! Ok, if not frustrated then khadoos toh thee hee woh! She pretended to sleep but giggled after every few minutes. Her giggling was like a banshee!

The volvos are comfortable and a smooth ride across the expressway but the movies they play are horrifying. Look, I studied film at SCM and my idea of a good film changed long back. I have no liking for sad, slapstick comedies. I cannot leave my brain aside and watch these films. But I can hardly voice my preference here. So I had to sit through the Akshay Kumar-John Abraham starrer Garam Masala. My neighbor's giggling turned into neighing! Then she got a call and spoke loudly enough to startle everyone! Then she kept asking the conductor whether her stop has come or not! Bloody annoying! He kept telling her he will let her know!

My Pune trip was eventful. Good weather and spent some quality time with him. Back in the bus I dozed off! Suddenly the TV came alive and to my horror, played a South Indian film dubbed in Hindi. Look I know this film must have been a major success down South but...

The film's hero was the good looking Nagarjuna [he is a brilliant actor!]. He plays this guy called Maas [and things start getting weirder and weirder!]. The film has everything- action, comedy, melodrama, song and dance [I lost count of how many!] But on the whole it was a nightmare. Songs popped up from anywhere at all. Everytime Maas was provoked he turned into this matrix like man and danced with equal panache in the very next scene. And dude! how many songs? some capacity ha! I think I remember watching six but there were more!

To add to my woes, the second lead was a cute girl who this saree clad girl around her colony but turned into a voluptous seductress in the song sequences. Worst of all, I cannot relate to the choreography. I hate to see an actor like Nagarjuna doing something like this. But maybe films like this are appreciated. But a few guys sitting ahead of me were having a gala time! They hollered and laughed during each action scene! So much for the comic element. Bollywood has its own flaws. Most of the films made are meaningless and hogwash!

So to conclude, I was forced to watch the film as I had nothing to look at [I had the aisle seat!].

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(Image only for representation purpose. Copyright lies with the artist. Not Waving but Drowning Fine Art Print - Trudi Doyle)

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'Wosh-wosh' screamed the waves Gloriously furious, crashing on the moss-covered dock They came high, they came low Yet slow, the sea so magnificent they seemed insignificant He watched her, sitting motionless As if waiting for knell
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