Debate: Passing thoughts and more...

To begin with, I have no clue what I am going to say or explain regarding the statement I made in my last post. It has a lot to do with my discussions with my mom and a few other factors surrounding me. This post is for eye-in-sty-in who wanted a debate!

I think the world would be a better place if we did not have a stomach or a brain' because, then without any hunger which gives rise to so many issue, the skull then an empty shell would remain calm. This is how I see it. It is only my opinion. Hunger is the root cause for so much. People die of it daily, rebellions rise, revolutions take place, wars are waged etc. Then we blame the unequal distribution of wealth and blah. But to think of it, why do we care a damn? Hunger is a just a feeling? Yeah, something so graet that it controls our heads.

If someone gets a little more to eat, then we get greedy. If it is better looking, what they have, then we are jealous and even lust to an extent stems out of it. Faust too, was hungry for power. Satan too, was hungry for attention, to be the best and be the most powerful, hence he is the fallen angel! The serpent lured Adam and Eve into tasting the succulent apples and pandemonium broke loose!

All this happened because someone was hungry for something! It is the strongest urge according to me which leads to things. This urge makes the brain work overtime. Hence, I said, no stomach and no brain would equal to a better life on earth!

Sometimes I feel, what if we all had an existence like the people in the film Matrix? We would all be controlled? And controlled by the divine light himself/herself? Which would mean, we are born on earth to fulfill some deeds and to pay for some. We comply and then just fade away. Simple, isn't it?

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