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I lied about the idea block. I do not have a block of any kind. I couldn’t write which is true because I was avoiding this very thing. Now the “this very thing” is infidelity.

I am not practicing this. I don’t have and hopefully will never have any reasons to do so. But there are so many people out there who are into it. It is very disturbing when you know everything and have to keep your mouth shut.

I was meeting a friend recently and we were walking on a promenade when I saw someone I am very close to. They have a lovely child. At the first glance I thought I saw him and his wife. As I was about to wave out to them I realized it’s not his wife. It was the other woman. Now I do not know whether he saw me or not.

There have been major fights in the past and his entire family knows all this. But he promised to come clean and work on their marriage for child’s sake. 

Not happening as far as I can see. So what makes people cheat on their spouses? Is it a bad marriage? If it is, then why not end it? Then do whatever you like. Of course it is not easy. There could be a child involved. But if you knew it wasn't working or don't want to work it out, don't have a child. 

This is not the only thing happening. I recently heard of someone my cousin knows. The guy works a big firm and his wife is in the US of A. Apparently it was a love marriage but now that they are apart, he is dating someone here and she there. Its like a convenience pact between them. So when they finally decide to settle down they will get together.

Will the love be the same? Can they both respect each other? Will they be able to carry on a loyal relationship? I don't think so. 

I have been writing from home these days and ironicaly from the past two days I am writing on the issue of cheating. Tips to find out why is your bf/gf/spouse cheating or if they are, how to nail them! Hence, I am here asking questions to myself. 

Do people cheat because they are bored? If it was so, wouldn't we all be taught to do this? Looks like I am being surrounded with such people and it is freaking me out. I know a couple who recently had a baby. The guy declared he was bored. The reason being, his wife spoke a lot about the baby. Isn't it natural? She is a new mother. She could be bored of him too. But no maybe he lost interest when her belly swelled  up. He forgets the baby is his too. 

I cannot even if I want to justify something here. Is infidelity becoming a norm? Will we all be victims to it? Or we will take the path our parents took and resolve our issues to be a family and love eachother? 

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