Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I love you..

[He wrote this for me]
that loving touch
as you warm my cold arms
that hold of yours

to be safe and to keep me safe
that little tug to take me there
uncertain if I may want to come
knowing that all you need is that
to make me run

that little raise of the brow
to tell me something u did not like
though u could have shouted
had it been someone else unlike

that little nudge on my chest
rub of ur nose to express discontent

that face you make
when i do something silly
and then smile at me
as if that is all u need from me
the way you see me eat feed me lovingly
as if you were having a treat

that little foreplay
that your fingers play with mine
sometimes light and sometimes divine
your soft skin tickling my stubble
your words galore when you start talking
like millions of rays from sun
sparkling my day

So much to say, and much more too
yea all this, and some more too
but we just always sum it up
by a quiet - I LOVE YOU!


Rashmi said...

This is......hmmmmmm.....this is.....beautiful :)
God Bless girl :)

Julia Smith said...

Holy Fabulousness!

This is so wonderful:

'the way you see me eat feed me lovingly
as if you were having a treat'

The whole piece makes me sigh with delight.

sujata said...

You go Girl!!! Am so happy for you, seems strange..I dont really know you..but I am really really happy for you!! God Bless Nikki!!

Mihir said...

generally m not a fan of a poetry, but liked this one :)

Iggy said...


Lavanya said...

You are lucky and i would consider myself luckier, if you could give the link to the person's blog who wrote this peice for you.
Commendable sense of poetry, very profound.


Nikki said...

@ Rashmi

Thanks sweety!

@ Julia Smith

/beams// I have not stopped sighing!

@ Sujata

Thanks! //blushes//

@ Mihir

I am glad you liked this one!

@ Iggy


@ Lavanya

Sure...mail me your email!

Impressionist said...

god that was beautiful.

Im really happy for u two.


Sharad Sharma said...

that was brilliantly expressed :)


Vinnie said...

God bless u both!

Nikki said...

@ Sharad Sharma

Hey thanks a lot!

@ Vinnie

Amen to that!

Dream3er said...

aaaaah! touche!!!!....awesome....i am so happy for u !!!

ani_aset said...

lovely poem :)...appreciation for him ..and wishes for both :)


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