Monday, 25 May 2009


[This is my hundredth post. I thought about various things to write on and it got me nowhere. Hundreds of ideas wasted and lost. I was afraid I would become predictable. So if you think so too after you read this post...tell me so. Lots coming there after...]

The piercing shrill of the alarm jolted Karim out of his sleep. Fuck! 7 am already! Bloody hell! It felt like he had just slept and now it was morning already. No more snoozing else the editor would have his ass for lunch!

Time to get up Karim...he remembered Shiren's sweet smile. But she was gone now. Good for her, the stupid cow. He thought. She had taken every single thing that would remind him of her. He had wanted it that way. So why was he thinking of her now? What was the point? No point. Waste of Time.

Time to get up mother fucker! But Karim could not get up. He suddenly felt weightless. His arms would not support him. It was 7 am alright but it was pitch dark. Like the sun has forgotten to come by his window this morning. 

The bedroom was eerily cold. But there was no breeze. It was like a lull before the storm. Karim, you are dreaming. Get up man! You got to get to work. His mind kept saying this to him but his body refused.  What is going on here?

Then he felt something cold, something so cold that his arms felt numb. It felt like whatever was holding him back had tentacles. They were holding his body tight. Poking into his flesh.

It hurt. It hurt very bad. That thing was penetrating into his shoulders now. He could see the thorns sticking out of the thing. 

Sharp like pins and they shone in the darkness. Eveerywhere it touched him, that part became deathly cold and numb. The thing continued to wrap around him. Squeezing him. It was on his stomach now. Suddenly he felt something at his navel. The tentacled thing was poking him there, like trying to open a knot. 

Soon his body was blue in a pool of red. His innards were hanging out. There were holes in his body. Small holes oozing blood. Black blood. All he could do was to lie there. His voice had left him. 

When he looked around his room, it was covered with thorny stems. The more the tentacles grasped him, a bud bloomed on the stems. He was aghast. And could only watch wide eyed. Everytime a bud bloomed and his body shrunk, the blood off the sheet disappeared bit by bit.

His head was ringing and his doldrum resonated the sounds of the creeping tentacled thing. One by one, the thorny stems with red blooms left the wall. They clambered slowly towards his bed. One thick stem coming up from his foot and climbing through the middle. His skin felt loose as if it were a dried frail length of muslin. The vale continued to rise and stopped right at his heart.

Karim could now see what the vale was going to do. It dug into his heart and the thorns clinged to the piece of flesh, tearing it out and then it rose erect, as if showing Karim the now black organ. 

In a jiffy, the vale un-clung itself from Karim's wasted body and made its way to the window. Karim watched in horror as the vale flung his heart out of the window and climbed to the pot where Shireen had planted it. Slowly and slowly, the thorns were gone. The room was empty now and Karim's life less body lay on the bed. 

The alarm rang again, jolting Karim out of his dream. 


sawan said...

dark indeed!! good one.
Congratz on ur 100th one :)

Himanshu said...

What an awesome way to hit a century! Loved it...reminds of how Neo died [or did he?] in Matrix Revolutions! Awesome! :)

Iggy said...

Why should there be an alarm!!?! Kill the dude! It would have been better that way!!

Congrats on your 100th post!!


Arnab Majumdar said...

That's a good story... the perfect shade of dark that I enjoy. Although, like you said, the ending was a bit predictable... but that did not mean it was unenjoyable. I hope that makes sense :P


Nikki said...

@ Sawan

Thanks thanks!

@ Himanshu

No Neo did not die! I loved Matrix!!

@ Iggy

Thanks and yeah I should have killed him!

@ Arnab Majumdar

Thank you!

Little Girl Lost said...

DAMN, was so hoping he would die...

Standbymind said...

Now this is what I wanted to read form a long long time.
You wake up, and read this..!

Fuck !this was powerful!

Awesome piece Nikki!

Nikki said...

@ Little Girl Lost

Hehehe! Seems like all women want me to kill him! Next time for sure dearies!

@ Standbymind

Thanks! :)

Standbymind said...

Doing good too!

Rashmi said...

Awesoooommme read! And CONGRATS on hitting Century girl, much luv :)

Nikki said...

@ Rashmi

Thank you jee!

the walker said...

Congrats for the ton... Nice post. I kinda got the idea that it d be a dream but read it at a very fast pace... Couldnot escape the pace and little horror in there.

Nikki said...

@ the walker

Thank you jee! Will try to surprise you the next time for sure!

ani_aset said...

ahan very dark, its karims own guilt i guess


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