With you my love...

There are no shadows cast

On the peeling pale yellow walls

In the flickering light from the



Up above, the fan continues

to move in  a circular motion;

Slow and  steady. The mirror,

mirrors the  unkempt feeling

in the room.


The damp smell mixed

With the smells of love

Heightens the silence.

And the dripping water

From the basin tap sounds

Like an explosion.


The pillows of the bed

Lie on the torn carpet below.

The sheets; crumpled

Barely cover our bodies



Your eyes look at me

Every few seconds.

The contentment on your

Face. Sleep has eluded us for

Long, but slowly the sandman

Creeps in close to you.


Outside, the bright sunlit

Corridors are bustling.

But the noise doesn’t reach us.

Its you and me, like always.

Together. Me lying by your side

And the hint of a smile on your



Suddenly, all the trouble,

The long distance travel,

The lies, the stories cooked

Up, are all but just right.



  1. Oh wow..I'm melting!

    Simply superb..what lucid words!!


  2. woooooooohooooooooo :)) ahem ahem....no words!

  3. the last line made me confused!

  4. @ Sups aka Iggy

    :) Thank you!

    @ Rashmi

    I know...

    @ Sawan

    Well the last line... just indicates all that we do for love. All that we go through to be with our love and all this is worthwhile.

  5. i love the last part .. hahahah!!! good one!

  6. very deep, love the way you've described the bulb and the fan, and everything else, beautiful thought process. insanely expressive to say the least. i wish i had someone writing for me like that, lucky you and your soul mate.

    love be there forever! :)

  7. @ Dream3er


    @ Sumit

    Lets say I am lucky to have him!

  8. It happens in front of your eyes..such is the poem..brilliant! :)

  9. very detailed, observant, and heartfelt expression...

    the simplicity of this peice of work gets a smile on your face by the end of it...



  10. 'The pillows of the bed
    Lie on the torn carpet below.
    The sheets; crumpled
    Barely cover our bodies

    Time well spent!

  11. @ Himanshu


    @ Dr. Paranoid

    Thank you very much!

    @ Julia Smith

    Time well spent, indeed!

  12. OH MY GOD....!!!
    I love this piece..... it feels so good to be in love...... and I INSIST u GO THROUGH my blog... n read thru MY LOVE BLOG.

    As for love....i think its the most beautiful feeling ever...

    Comforting. Satisfying. Gratifying.
    Simply beautiful.

    I know...i am so in love....n soon will b postim=ng something very interesting......i have a few ideas...will work them through.

    AND yes.... do keep in touch! :-)

  13. tumne mujhe kahaafi kuch yaad dila diya:)
    wonderful poem...so much to relate to..all the best, girl..
    Here's to u n ur love - Cheers!

  14. @ Surabhi Pratap

    I agree, it feels amazing to be in love! I have blogrolled you!

    @ Vinnie

    Thanks a lot!

  15. my my my...thats some poem u ve got there deary....quite descriptive too..

    nice work


  16. @ Dream'R

    Hi! Thank you and nice of you to stop by.

  17. hey Nikki..You shd have sent a link to this blog..I keep chking your mumbai blog..hmm this is fantastic..great going girl!!

  18. @ Sujata

    Hey! Hehee...glad you liked this. Keep visiting!

  19. I LOVE your new profile pic.

  20. @ Julia Smith

    Thank you! thank you! :)


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