I have news my dear readers. I have quit my job. I am happy and sad. Happy, because it is a great relief. At least I will sleep peacefully in the nights without thinking of how much work I have to do...

And sad because I realized I was not required anymore.

I never shied away from but well never mind. Let’s say I am ready for new beginnings. I want to write and will continue to do so. In my almost one year of work, I have learnt that your first job however amazing it might be is not the end of the world.

You work and hence you are paid. No favors from either side. Never let your life revolves around your work and don't fall in love with your company. Believe me I learnt this the hard way. So I am a free bird for now and yeah...a few things coming up!

For now I am just looking forward to Bangalore...

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