There are too many things going on in my head. I want to say a lot of things. No actually, there is a lot to write about. But for now I want to discuss to two things.

The first is the case of incest-rape that has rocked the city. We all hooo’d and haa’d about the Fritzl case last year. And as usual most of us thought something like this cannot happen here.

But it did. The father and this so called tantrik raped the elder daughter for nine years and then turned on to the younger daughter. The mother kept mum and was ok about all this because apparently her husband allowed her to have an affair with the Tantrik. Then the tantrik goes on to say that he will get the younger one married to his son and not the older one because she has been used too many times? WTF!

What is going on? Were they thinking at all? So now we are not safe in our own houses and around our parents? It is a horrid thought. Unfortunately even though they are arrested, they can hire lawyers. Why? Isn’t it enough what the girls have suffered for so long? What is the point of calling them in the court to testify? Why make them go through everything again? Why can't such people be killed instantly and what is the need to put them to trial?

On the other hand, now the judge allows Kasab a lawyer and the state will pay for it. Why? Have we gone bonkers? Don’t we all know about 26/11? Wasn’t it enough? How can he deserve a fair trial? You and I know he was one of them? He killed god knows how many people? He was ruthless. Our people were tortured and killed. Innocent lives were taken for reason at all. And that bastard doesn’t look like he feels any remorse. So why bother? Let him rot if he should.
He doesn’t have a religion. He doesn’t belong anywhere.

My question is why can’t we just kill them the way they did? Why can't he be tortured daily and die a slow but horrifying death? Why can those three be shot dead or just be left to public to be stoned to death? Why not? How does it really matter? Maybe I sound very ruthless or whatever here. But this is how I feel. We are wasting time. And why waste so much time over four people who do not deserve at all? They should just rot actually.

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