'Ignorance is bliss'-- this is such a contradictory statement. Most of the times I would say 'rubbish!'. But now I feel I should have stayed away.

So many questions arise in my mind. How will I tackle this? What should I do? Nothing. I can do nothing about this. Worst of all I always knew it would never stop. How can I trust someone? Can I even do that? I am at a stage in life where I have stability. My love life is wonderful. Work is stressful but at least I have one. Things at home are good too.

Then why did this have to happen when I thought, finally things are going to be ok. No more pretence. It will be what it is. No lies. Just being normal. But now this seems like the norm.

I know I can't do much. So I wont. I wish I can just stay away in future.

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