Random as random gets...

I am taking this tag from Supriya at Out of Focus (she is my inspiration)

25 random things about me….

  1. I love red. Red is my all time favourite colour. I own five red bags and a lovely pair of red chappals. I would love to but have never dared to apply blood red nail polish.
  1. I am a prankster. But because of my so called docile appearance, I get away with almost every thing.
  1. I am a good liar.
  1. I hate cockroaches too. Ewwwww, they make my skin crawl.
  1. I watched scary serials as a kid though I was scared myself. I did this to frighten my sister.
  1. I have a very mean side to me. Although I have never been 100% mean to anyone.
  1. I have hate list and only two people so far feature on it. this is for them who have hurt me the most for no fault of mine.
  1. I want to invest in a gun!
  1. I love deep fried food! I love aloo bhaja.
  1. I have ten pairs of shoes now. I bought all of them within the last year.
  1. I can’t buy make up. I don’t own a lipstick. I am not good at choosing colours.
  1. To spite my mum I can eat non-veg. Else I would never. [We have this thing going for years. I haven't done it (eating non-veg) though!]
  1. I hated school and still feel so.
  1. I think I am a very good dancer but mostly don’t dance around many people.
  1. I am addicted toSex and the City. I love Carrie Bradshaw.
  1. I love watching Kim Possible, Shin Chan, and Lilo and Stitch.
  1. Most people feel that they can get away with anything around me. Beware, I sting!
  1. I hate people who knowingly get into the ladies 1st class compartment. I have no issues telling them off!
  1. I never give money to beggars and I am wary of charity.
  1. I am not exactly happy with my job but thanks to the recession, can’t do much about it.
  1. I LOVE HIM. This is not random. But it is what it is.
  1. I don’t take criticism lightly.
  1. My father thinks I have an attitude and a temper problem.
  1. When I don’t like someone, they would instantly know.
25. Wohoo! I never thought I could put 25 random things together! //pats the back//

I tag Himanshu, AnnaChronism,  D Gypsy and Ush (errr....please do it?)

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