High on Heels...

My sabbatical from blogging is over. I guess I couldn’t stay away. Ok I confess, Supriya forced me to continue! She is my inspiration… [:)]

[The last week was a mess for the most part. Tonnes of things happened. I was insecure about my job, my article was going nowhere and to add the cherry on the icing was “me & him” having a major fight. We did not talk for two whole days. Nah, we did actually but they were more of sarcastic remarks and jabs at each other. I am glad it is over. He was here on the weekend all for me! Yay]

It’s been almost seven months since I started working. And these seven months have ensured that I have a lot of money or rather spending money! I am not a compulsive shopper but sometimes I do get impulsive. And I love shoes. Show me a girl who doesn’t? So well in the past some portion of my salary has been spent on SHOES.

I got my first pair of stilettos on my 21st birthday. Then no shoes buying till me emotionally blackmailed my folks into buying me a 'blingy big colourful stones' wala chappal. [Let’s not get into the costs ok?] Then in early 2008 I bought a lovely pair of heels from Inc.5.

Well from June 2008 there was no looking back. I happened to come across these lovely flats at Habit, Colaba and instantly bought them. Then we went to Matheran sometime in October and I ended up buying three chappals.
On my 23rd birthday I gifted myself two sexy heels—metallic blue wedges and black satin peep toes. Ma was horrified as usual but well I thought it would end here for a while. But come 19th January I bought a sexy pair of silver sandals.

This is my eighth pair in seven months. And I am not even guilty of over spending. Now I need a shoe-wardrobe!

P.S: Ma was upset for a while but well, she fits into all my shoes so no bother! Bf was a lil flustered. He was like just let know how much of salary would go into buying you shoes! //winks//giggles…

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