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Crazy just got crazier...

2007 was a crazy year. I had never imagined I could do what I did... lolz. Dear all, before you let the horses of your mind race all I am talking about is my course. Yeah, I am talking about the Social Communications Media course at Sophias.

We did whole lot of things. It was crazy. And when I say crazy... it was Crazy with a capital C. To top it all, we were 40 girls together in one batch ( Sophias is a all girls college). So it was like 'WELCOME TO THE BITCHING ARENA!' Ok maybe not always. I did end up making friends for life and I am glad.

There are so many things that happened then that I guess this blog space would be less to talk about it. But I would like to share this one particular incident which happened during our photography tour. (I have already spoken about the drinking binge earlier!)

So the photography tour was the highlight... actually a big huge NEON!( lolz whatever that means...). Our first destination was Hampi. This place is full of mythological stories of god Hanuman actually leaving behind the extra boulders that the Vanar sena ( army of animals who helped Lord Ram) on this very land. Plus this place is known for its ancient architecture. Well, but something happened to us or rather A in our hotel. We were living a goverment guest house of types. Forty women divided into four groups, A HOD (crazy!) and not to forget the numerous frogs and insects.
SO we were settling down, gotten our rooms an all that. AN and SS decide to come over to my room to chat. Suddenly A turns up and cheekily says,
A "Oh so if I pull the key out of the socket, the light goes off ha...evil laughter".
SS, " Please dont mess around. I am afraid of darkness".
A " Oh what goes!"
So the key is out and the door is closed shut. We are locked and A is laughing.
SS" Please get us out!"
A" Say please?"
SS " Please...."
A" Say pretty please!"
SS " Pretty get me out!"
A ... even more evil laughter, " Nah stay in!"
SS " When I come out I am going to pull those pink shorts of yours!"
A " Sure go ahead! I am not wearing anything inside!" (never fool with something like this...)

Finally the door is opened. After a lot of yelling that is by SS. Whoosssh... SS runs into A and tries to settle the scores. But SS forgets she is half or rather 1/4 th the size of A and A easily manages to catch both her wrists and pins her agains the wall.

SS continues to threaten..." the pink shorts..."

Suddenly SS is sitting and A looses grip and SS just touchs the shorts and oooooppsss... bigger oppps... the shorts fall to A's ankles and well, she was right she did not wear anything inside! SS is perplexed... manages to run into her room and shuts the door. Meanwhile A is shocked and bends to pull her pants up and sigh... the naked bum peeks out!

What followed was loads of laughter through the corridor. Now A is upset and SS is pale with fear. A manages to get hold of SS who is not wrapped in her blanket and is full of apologies. A leaves in a huff, the deed it done.

SS is still pale. "Man I thought I was going to be punched blue in the face! Phew!"
Overheard later when I narrated tis to N.
N "how unfair. First the T.V doesnt work in our room and now that the TV works, the entertainment takes place outside!"

This was never discussed again during the tour. Luckily for A there no guy around and yeah, now SS and A are pals again.
I miss SCM!!!!

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