So here is this yummy (goey) piece of chocolate pastry. Ummm, well I need your reactions to what you feel when you see this(imagine its all your alone& you eating it) and why do you feel so about it.
Tell me all....


  1. its chocolate
    its strawberry
    its cherry...

    i feel seduced

  2. delicious
    Has a force to drive one wild
    can strike love in the heart
    A pure sign of happiness


  3. Calories...Calories & More Calories...


  4. @ The walker
    I know where to get it!

    @ Impressionist
    It is sheer bliss...

    @ Irony
    Calories! I know but what the heck!!!

  5. I feel completely turned on that's what! :P
    Chocolate. Yummmm. Indeed!


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