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Just Like that

I am prone to being silly at times. Fine. Maybe all the time. For example I keep asking these silly questions to him like what if we hadnt met or what if this or that. He is a sweetheart. He doesnt mind and answers them patiently ( read "Tum pagal ho kya?")

He was in the city yesterday. I have this rumbling in my tummy everytime I am going to meet him or he comes to meet me. I cant stop blushing everytime he looks at me (read " Please aise mat dekho!") lolz.

We traveled in BEST bus. Ate Jain Pizza (I'm half jain remember?). Walked through Colaba causeway, bought clothes for him& me off the streets( my first time), bought two pairs of chappals, went for a stroll at Marine drive hand in hand( giggles...), shared a kalakhatta flavoured gola( ice candy) at Chowpati...sigh! In short it was amazing.

While he was dropping me off home last night in the cab, I popped a silly question as usual. "What if you have the opportunity to go back in time and change anyt…


I am not sure where to start. I went for an engagement party today. I generally dont like attending but like, this was compulsory. My father's bsiness partner's son was getting engaged so well we had to be there! Blah!

According to me occassions like these should be celebrated only with close friends and family who matter. I hate showing off. Plus Gujju (Gujrati) affairs are more about strutting your stuff than anything else. OK dont get me wrong, I am half gujju (ma's side). I dont exactly fit in there nor do I exactly fit in with my bong family. I dont speak gujju or bong as well as them. I am quiet; hence I am a snob.

I dont dance everytime there is a party and the latest bollywood dance number come on. I dont eat non-veg nor do I follow Paancham& atham. So basically I belong nowhere. This is fine with me. But people find it amusing that I or rather my family, the four of us can speak both languages.

Back to the point. One thing about Gujrati weddings or engagements …

Umno, Jhumno and more…

l to r: manu, me& (up) Coco

“And if you don’t behave yourselves, you will have to face the same consequences, just like Umno and Jhumno!!!,” Thakurma warned us as usual.

This was our daily routine, almost like a ritual. We looked forward to these afternoon story sessions. Sitting snug on the edge of her bed, on either side Manu and me had spent so many afternoons like this listening to Thakurma’s stories.

I don’t remember Coco (aka Samit) being around for these though he definitely had story sessions for himself. Yeah, we grew up next doors to each other. He was four and a half when I came into the world.

By the time I started kindergarten, he was in school. He was this fat chubby, cute kid and the apple of my grandparents eye. In many ways, he was my only pal other than my kid sister.

One evening, when he was nine and I was four, he had rushed home, panting (chubby you see!) and dragged me along to the nearby ground. Apparently he had witnessed a few boys (older) killing a snake. It w…


Greetings!!! So here is this yummy (goey) piece of chocolate pastry. Ummm, well I need your reactions to what you feel when you see this(imagine its all your alone& you eating it) and why do you feel so about it. Tell me all....

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