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Until Death Do Us Apart...

[Warning: long post! Its a lame ass job according to it at your won risk!]

She looked even more beautiful sleeping, her face flushed and radiant. he couldn’t be more grateful to god.
Alas! she was his; his beautiful wife. God knew how much he loved her! Watching her sleep, curled up like a lil kitten with a lil pout, she looked everything he had dreamed of her to be.

He wanted to wake her, kiss her, and share this beautiful dawn with her, their first morning as husband and wife. Life was going to be smooth after all. Last night was the first time she had slept peacefully. No more nightmares. "Please no more!" he prayed. She did not deserve it nor did he. they loved each other too much.

He had always loved her. The very first time in the park, three years ago, there she was walking her dog, Toby. She had enticed him then, with her beautiful mirthful laughter. He could still hear it. They had become fast friends there on. He had liked dogs too! Ok that’s what he had told her then and Toby was a friendly chap.

Soon he was in love with her. Well, who wouldn’t be...Rose, this beautiful creature so true to her name, just like a fresh rose bud! Natural pink cheeks, flawless skin and raven hair that touched her waist. Oh god! she was too good to be true. And those child-like giggles of hers,... sigh!

He deserved her, deserved to love her more than she could ever think of. He was thankful for everything, finally he was able to put her nightmares behind her. He shouldn’t have had let that happen in the first place. He had lost count of the number of times he had cursed himself for it. For not telling her before that he had loved her, always loved her. It would have saved her those precious tears she had wasted on Paul.

That bastard! He was sorry, that he hadn’t shot him. Paul has deserved the gory death he had died. How could someone cheat on a girl like Rose.

Rose had first introduced Paul to him a year later. Her fiancé Paul. Chris had known Paul before. He was the name notorious bastard famous for being a womanizer. It had shocked him but well, Rose was happy. Paul and she were married soon after. If Rose was happy he was happy!

At least that is what he could do. But then Paul was Paul, the ultimate looser. He was cheating on Rose soon.

Claire, was Paul’s latest conquest. Chris had known Claire too.

It was that phone call, Rose was weeping on the other side. She had called him, because she couldn’t think of anything else. Somebody had shot that bastard! He was dead… yeah he was dead undoubtedly.
She had found him dead, the shot had pierced his heart. His evil heart. Poor Rose, his darling Rose.
She had known for a while that Paul had been cheating on her, but she loved him too much.

It was over. The case closed. Everything was laid to rest. A year later, Chris proposed to Rose. He had told her everything, everything about what he felt for her from day one. She had tears in her eyes, but that smile, gave Chris a new meaning to live altogether.

The wedding was arranged soon thereafter. They had had a white wedding. The snow washed cathedral looked divine just like his bride. She was the angel god sent on earth for him.

Here she was now, sleeping on the bed, practically on his side. It warmed his heart, reminiscing about last night.

He turned to look outside the window, it was going to be a beautiful day. “ Honey, what are you doing there?”, a groggy eyed Rose asked him. “ Come here, love I want to share this beautiful morning and many , many more to come, always just with you !”, Chris said.

“ Just the mornings ha?”, quipped Rose.
Looking like a mischievous kitten that she was, moved towards him.
Her hands behind.
“ What do you have there love?” asked Chris.
“ Surprise Love”, said Rose.
“ Come now, show me!”
“ In a moment! But before that can you please repeat the oath you took last evening at our wedding, please Love?”

“ Sure love!”

“ Rose, my dear Rose. I love you. I promise to care for you and love you always…through love, sickness and love….until……….Rose….

He suddenly felt a sharp pain. It seared his heart. The world was suddenly whizzing past. He could see Rose standing there, that something was… was a….

“ What a mess! The bastard had a lot of blood in him. Yuck!”

But that sure was easy. Maybe, because it was her second time. Paul, the bastard had deserved more but died soon. Chris, darling Chris. He shouldn’t have died.

But hey, he should have never introduced Claire to Paul in the first place!

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