Monday, 25 February 2008

Quiet outloud

Tis, very still now.

An eerie calmness

i feel. Asleep yet,

my mind is;

the quiet

room disturbs me.

Tis all white. but

not a peaceful white.

the quietness is quite loud,

slowly getting to me,

raising the hair on my neck.

Tis, the thudding

of my heart i hear

now, so loud,

it is intruding.

Scream, yes i

want to. but cannot

seem to.

Tis, that i want

to run; i continue

to sit still yet.

my mind is dazed, yet.

Tis, the stairs i see

that go round-and

-round down there.

i dont see an exit though,

only the frightened

shadow of myself.

Tis, the stairs i see

going round-and-

round down there,

not even a mirage

there and no exit.


Himanshu said...

Ur blog,
I come n read,
coz of course not
for what u write.
but for what I see
after reading u.


Zii said...

I like those spiral stairs you know..
and if you want to scream, you should man

Impressionist said...

well gurl, Like I already said
U definitely know ur way with words! :D
Its time u accepted the fact that u are a not just a good writer but a fab writer! ;)



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