Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I am searching for;
She wasnt
in the mirror
this morning,
not at noon.
Did i loose her?

Is that a question?
Maybe, not sure.
Am not sure, if
I lost her in the
loo, maybe while
amongst the crowd
in the
train last night.
Where, oh where

could she be?
Of this, mundane life,
of "get-up-work-eat-sit-
must have frightened her
too, like me.
Oh then, if your gone

dont come back, not
soon at least. fly off
some place,
alone you are;



Pat Paulk said...

Sometimes, it's a good thing to be lost. I like this!!

Impressionist said...

its a good thing to lose urself once in a while! ;)
hope u find her soon! :D


Jelena said...

wow, i especially like this part:
"Of this, mundane life,
of "get-up-work-eat-sit-
must have frightened her
too, like me."

it makes me want to get off of my arse and start writing again.

rOhit said...

Hmmm.. Interesting!

Nice blog, you write well.

Happy Writing :)

julia said...

Did you lose Disillusioned Me?

tHe_NeW_cYnIc said...

I totally agree..! Thanks

she flew out of the window actually! lolz

hey thanks for stopping by!


Umm maybe, for the worse though...found the cynic!

flyingstars said...

Sometimes it does help to lose ourselves and be a bit alone in this busy world, which do helps in settling down and re-analyse everything and once again get back to rhythm....lovely lines...you have crafted it very nicely!

Standbymind said...

let her go..
let her roam
n be free!

arunabh said...

Just 2 words - 'free'ly flowing :)

tHe_NeW_cYnIc said...

thanks a lot!

where have you been ha?

thanx for stopping by!

Shimmer said...

its d best thing u cud do for urself... i liked dis!! :) :)


Niyara - Asian Rocxs said...

hehe lose her in the loo. :)

little boxes said...

who doesnt wish to run away to be free from this monotonous circus everyday?
nice poem :)


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