Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Gentle breeze...

Gentle breeze blows
Her laughter rings
through the room.
the candle struggles
to survive.
His heart melts..

He holds her arms
and her eyes light up.
pillows lie strewn on
the floor,sheets lie

Gentle breeze blows
outside.Gentle kisses
bring forth smiles.
Gently he takes her

In the dark,fingers
entwine.Two shadows
become one.Gentle
breeze blows.The candle has
ceased to survive.


StandbyMind said...

.Two shadows
become one.Gentle
breeze blows

nicely written

iRONY said...

Expression quotient is quite high.....

Shadows don't lie.....amen

jail diet said...

what can I say other than you need to be published.

this one is so honest and love.
you're the best.

bugs.honey and some said...

beautiful...the last bit..briliant

Dream Catcher said...

happened for real??? ahaa;)

disillussioned_me said...

oye dream catcher...
somethings are to be cherished& not discussed. well, you can roll the horses of ur imagination though...

Zii said...

there was this bhoot in a movie called band darawaza..he used to say "nikiDDDA"...i am always reminded of me when i come to your page :D

that is a nice pictre of that girl in the prev post

Lynnski said...

beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME !!!! yaaa . What imaginationu have ... "hail"

julia said...

I love the repeating image of the candle struggling to survive, then giving up the ghost during that night of the gentle breeze.

Dream catcher said...

yup c_h_e_r_i_s_h_e_d bole to ;)
he he..jk hope u didn't mind :D

Karen said...


And thanks :)

Rajeev said...

beautiful! :)
nicely written!

peace & love

Rajeev said...

i've added u in my blogroll!
will be back to read more!

peace & love

Kalyan said...

lovely words....the words are so simple but the feelings run very deep...!

Maria Fischinger said...

I enjoy your poetry.
Best wishes,

Petercrys said...

Hi dear friend' really a beautiful blog you have. well i also famed you in blogging to fame. i hope you will take me as a friend and come to see my blog an if you like it "fam me" i will be waiting for you. . .


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