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Shell shock....

Ok. What does one want the most on the day for their personal interview? An interview which will decide their fate? Hmmmm clear skies? Yeah, i would want that! Well, the sky wasnt exactly clear though it dint rain.

Hmmmm well i dont exactly get up on time next well run about getting my prints( to brag a bit) of my poems& stuff. This could be done in the night...but nah i am soo smart you see!
OK two poems easily sail out of the printer, then when i hit the print button for my article, suddenly the printer decides to run out of ink!

Fine...i can live without it( well, wat other option do i have?)
OK I wanted to look my best....look pretty& stuff. But i cant wash my hair( greasy just today coz of humidity) so i let it be. Big mistake girly! ok instead of dressing up..i put on a pair of ragged jeans& a old comfy kurta..well it does look like its gonna pour ya watever!

I do make it on time. OK so there are other girls there..not many( you have to be woman to apply at sophias, an important criteria)

Well i am there and talking and talking, laughing& yeah giving yo baby! i am gonna smooth sail in. Well this doesnt exactly happen.

Others said, it was quite informal though look out for the one( cute too), he's the smart one. OK so i think what an he do at the most? Ask me to dance, its on my resume.

Lolz, whoever said" fools are the most positive people", they had me in mind. OK. First question...You were associated with the Nanhi Kaali foundation....yeah i say.I participated in the seminar on women issues.

OK the cute guy asks me are you a feminist?
Ummmm, naah not really though i did study feminism extensively!
OK, so does that mean i am less of a man& your more of a woman because your are a feminsit?
(i could have died) no sir, i am not a feminist!!!! ok
the other questions went ok...or so. On the panel of 5 there was this woman...young thing, damn rude. Well i couldnt do much could I?
OK we move to the worst part now.
He asks( cute one), so you worked as an Hr ha?
yes sir, i did.
what was it like?
Well, i made a lot of calls & then they let me take interviews....
aha, but your really young?( 16 eternally!!!!)
well, yeah...
ok, so wat if an experienced person said tht you couldnt interview him/her coz your young then?
well, ummmmmmm they cant do much about it..can they?
OK so well, you have to do this assignment( i died...almost!)
wat would it be sir?
well arrange to meet a press journalist and interview him/her and be here by 4:30 you do it?
(ego hassles) yes, i'll try. thank you.
OK so i am in a fix! i have no clue where i could meet a journo of any sorts....
Well, luckily getting to talk to me uncle did the trick. He arrabged for me to meet the National editor of the Economic Times immediately! lolz amazing isnt he? lolz
OK the editor guy is really sweet, very helpful& yeah damn chilled out.
Everything went well. I am a little surprised at my self.
Well i do go back now. He sees me outside pretends he never did see me before....yeah watever!
Well i wait& wait....they call me alast!
He seems to be a lil amused to see u managed to do it ha!
yeah, well i had to right( to myself) can go!
Like watever! I dont think he is tht cute now. LOlz
I am a lil relieved tho!


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