Friday, 15 June 2007


She had just entered,
his book in her hand,
A skeleton like figure,
his skin stretched
lay there inside the room
"daddy, what would you like?"
he manages a smile,
a resigned smile....
"tell me daddy, please
what shall we choose?"
he wants to sleeps
She is persistent.
"please,please daddy
its from the publication house,daddy..."
He gazed at the pictures in her hand,
one of a dawn, beautiful,
bright and sunny;
the other one a sunset,
marking the end of a day.
He smiles at her again
and chose the sunset.

He knows,smiles
sleeps again.

The sun is setting on him


Death Smiles at us said...

A mystery one... lovely piece of mind ... a pure concept of frustration... Deep stuff... loads of treasure hunt left behind.. Cheers..

Luv n Hugs


jail diet said...

I always love your endings.

iRONY said...

The blog has a gr8 climax.........
Nicks keep collecting these ironical pieces of life....amen

bugs.honey and some said...

ooooo love this kinda reminds me of that poem by... who was it by now..i think Dilip Chitre..the one where the father returns from his work and the sky is yellow symbolizing his own life ..or sumthg more eloquent than that...

StandbyMind said...

A really beautiful piece and a wonderful ending...

Pat Paulk said...

I guess we choose the one we're closest to. Enjoyed the poem!!

Inconsequential said...


Sonu said...

Beautifully written once again..

wot i like the most is how u rem everythin so vividly from the past.. and over that paraphrase it in such beautiful words.. bravo!!


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