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Reality check...somebody?

Its beginning to get me all over again!!!

First it was channel V if i remember correctly....remember Viva& asma?

Then now its the third season of Indian Idol(bloody copy cats) and the god knows which season of sare gama pa!!

There are all here to make it big!! Win a huge price money with a singing contract & stuff. But then wat after tht? Nothing much really. I remember following The indian idol season where Abhijeet Sawant won the contest, got an album removed& yeah, he got famous. Then comes the very irritating, Fame Jodi! Again, Rooprekha& Qazir(read he bleats actually) won. I think they are back to their respective hometown now! "One year of fame", isnt it?

Then comes the flop album followed by an equally quick disappearing act! thats not all, they always plan a comeback season. I remember my sister being glued to the television(as long as there are ppl talking& moving on the screaan, she can sit thru it) for an hour watching these bloody reality shows. Ma& pa would also join in. Then come the voting time& quickly everyone is soo engrossed in sending the sms's to the channels.

They vote because they feel, or do they? The host is constantly hugging& sharing the participants hoo hoo! Gack!!! Aree kaun chance pe dance nahi karega!!(read Aman Verma is a naughty boy!!)

The sms's are flashed& wat not! lolz....

It doesnt obviously end there. Recently everywhere...actually everytime u turn you get to see the hoardings of " The greatest challenge in the universe" or some shit, Sare ga ma pa. They have even managed to rope in Asha Bhonsle, I guess its her timepass!!!

And the honourable judges...are even wonderful. They are notorously known for leaving the stage in between the contest...posing to be miffed or being really really upset with the participant. Seriously these men(mostly)..especially Himesh Reshamiya(our new bald,topiwala superstar)& Ismail Darbar are soooo irritating!!

How are we to know if the real talent would win? Its like a game show right? We vote& the no. of votes decide who wins. So people are emotional fools anyways, hence they vote.

Why do we get dragged into these silly games? We know this is a another facet of consumerism encroaching on the only freetime people get & when they should be spending with their families and not be sitting in front of the damned idiot box! Ufff then they blame on the generation gap!

As if the saas bahu sagas werent enough!!! Believe me no woman can be Parvati or Tulsi and yeah, marriage isnt the end of the world. So why? lolz...The ultimate question that is....WHY???

Of flop albums, numerous marriages& plastic surgeries(face change actually!!) , thats all what is left to see on the televisions today.

But no the government bans the Fashion Tv but they allow soft porn movies to be made..lolz.

Yeah i know, this outburst is actually due to the lack of attention i get at home...lolz kidding!

But then a mere mortal like me cant do much right? hehehe

Maybe cutting the cable wires would help...but darn they have dish tv's now!

So maybe something like the war of the worlds....may help? lolz


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