Some men never think of it

You did. You'd come along

And say you'd nearly bought me flowers

But something had gone wrong.

The shop was closed. Or you had doubts-

The sort that mind like ours

Dream up incessantly. You thought

I might not want your flowers.

It made me smile and hug you then.

Now I can only smile.

But,look, the flowers you nearly bought

Have lasted all this while.

By Wendy Cope


  1. "But,look, the flowers you nearly bought
    Have lasted all this while."

    I love the way this poem ends. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I'd like to buy you flowers. You name it and i'll get them for you beautiful!

  3. sigh i jus love wendy cope...her poetry is amazing...thanksfor that odgen nash link bytheway

  4. The poem is really beautiful.. u man not agree, but if u think about it, its deep...


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