Wordless Wednesday #11: Caption this pic

Let’s call him the man in yellow and coincidentally, today yellow has been quite the highlight. May the heat be causing my vision to yellow…
So, I spotted the man in yellow on my way to work. Unlike everyone else running to seek shelter in the blazing heat, he seemed to be on an agenda of his own. I first spotted the chalk scribbling about 50 meters before I saw him. As you can see, I have no clue why he was dressed this way or what he wished to convey or protest. The signal wasn’t long enough for me to read what he was writing. But whatever his reasons were, maybe they need attention. At the signal though, with the peak hour rush, he was a momentary distraction only. 
Have you met this man in yellow or perhaps in another color on some other day? How would you caption this pic?

Wordless Wednesday #10: Caption this pic

Like the view? Me too. One of the reasons for moving into this new flat is the view – far and wide, speckled with greys of new constructions and diminishing greens. It makes for a worthy skyline view, don’t you think? But I am not sure I am happy. I am used to looking at my potted greens, woken up by the blaring VT local train and of course, the humdrum of the busy street below. The new home is not far from my real home, but it won’t have my pup, Bolt. I must get used to solitude all over again.

Caption this picture, please. Do share what it makes you think of in the comment below.

Seeing Eyes

Everywhere she went, people spoke of her eyes.
Hooded under thick eyelashes, a tinge of gold added a depth to her penetrating hazel green orbs. They changed colours, or so people thought each time they stopped her in the street to admire her. But unlike them, the colour of her eyes always remained the same. Only perspectives changed. 

She always wore a smile to every praise being said about them. But the smile never travelled to her eyes.
Little did they know that while they saw her beautiful eyes, she saw much more about them than her young heart should have ever known. 

People wanted to see through eyes like hers and she wished to unsee everything she saw. 

Wordless Wednesday #9: Caption this pic

I was in Silvassa recently. After resting for a day at our resort, we, a family of beach bums, headed to the nearest beach in Daman. After spending the entire afternoon at Jampore beach, we set out to explore the Daman Ganga pier. Fortunately for us, the pier was still empty save for a few couples and families busy taking selfies with the I Love Daman installation.
I took the above picture at the very spot. Do you see what I see? We are on the waterfront. But everyone is busy with ‘selfies’. While I am also addicted to clicking pictures, especially of the dog, I hate the selfie menace.
What do you think when you see people clicking selfies relentlessly? Do caption this pic!

Miss Hawa Hawai forever...

I am a Madhuri Dixit fan. I grew up mimicking her latkas and jhatkas of the 90s. From HAKHK to DTPH, I knew all the dance moves. In fact, my friend Aditi and I would give up on our playtime and perfect her dance moves every summer vacation. But this is not about Madhuri Dixit.

This Sunday, as usual, I woke up late and the first thing dad announced that Sridevi has passed away. I poo-pooed it right away, dismissing it as a hoax. You see I had no reason to believe that she could die just like that because I had been stalking her Instagram accounts and all the hashtags people come up with when at celebrity weddings. She was dancing with the couple, looking resplendent in her Manish Malhotra finery. Plus, she was fit and beautiful. Life was fair at her end or, so I thought.
Only it wasn’t. I was one of those kids who had watched Mr India time and time again. But it wasn’t for the invisible man or the uber cool gadgetry. It was for Miss Hawa Hawai. I remember watching that song repeatedly…

Together forever


Wordless Wednesday #8: Caption this pic!

Tired of pigeon invasions for over a decade, my parents covered our grilled windows further with a wired net. However, I was against it, so my window was spared. No pigeon maternity wards are cropping up, thankfully. But I miss the birds, especially the tiny sunbirds that flew in attracted by the flowers and the occasional bulbul or parrots on fed on the birdfeeder. Even the flowers suffered. The elegant roses rebelled and stuck their stems out of the wiring. Now they bloom outside of our reach. The not-so-smart hibiscus is yet to catch up. Here’s how it struggles.

As I continue to rant my loss of freedom, do share what thoughts this picture brings to your mind!

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